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February 18, 2008

Enter the World of Shorts through the Magic of YouTube

by Jonathan Chisdes

On several occasions, both on this Chizfilm site and in my personal blog, I’ve made it known how much I enjoy shorts. Good shorts are, in my opinion, the poems of the film world. But outside of festivals and DVD compilations, where else does one have the opportunity to see shorts? Well, as it turns out, you really don’t have to go that far away. The internet site, YouTube, hosts a number of good shorts.

In my spare time, I often enjoy surfing through that site looking for video gems and I thought, for something different, I would devote one of my Chizfilm columns to a few great shorts that you can watch right in your own home, for free, on YouTube.

So instead of a feature film review, today I will highlight a dozen of my favorite YouTube shorts. The following list is not meant to be an all-inclusive, comprehensive compilation of the best work out there. Rather it is just a sampling to whet your appetite and get you started, as you do your own searches and find the shorts that you love the best.

I hope you find these shorts fun, interesting, entertaining, and/or inspiring. Ideally, the best place to see them is in a theatre or on DVD, but failing that, YouTube is a fairly decent substitute. Have fun exploring, and if you find any great shorts that you think I might enjoy, be sure to drop me a line.

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